best place for Spa and massages

ninns-12ninns_12 , Reviewed 12 March 2013

One of the best place to have massage.

One of their branch is located just few steps from kuta square. Take a right from KFC at kuta square towards the inner lane and it will be towards your right side. We literally tried different treatment every day from Inner glow and they are the best. 1st day in bali we tried Soul but they hopeless…. We walked few steps ahead of Soul on the 1st day and found inner glow and the trip advisor rating helps a lot to decide.

Jenne and priya did massage and they were too good with their job. I’m sure all others will be the same with their service. I will any day recommend to do massage from Inner glow. Advisable to have an appointment done prior as they are very busy during evenings. Morning without appointment should be ok. Price is almost the same as others but treatments are best. Chocolate treatment/bamboo treatment/sunburn relief treatment and much more. You definitely will fall asleep as its so soothing. Before the treatment they offer you cold water and after the treatment they offer camoline tea(not sure if the spelling is right) with honey which tastes really good.

Why wait, relax and enjoy the treatment at the best price from one of the bests!